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This exhibition is the embodiment of my shukke. This journey started long before I put graphite to canvas, with the realization that my life had little meaning to me. The inertia of decisions made long ago had set me on a path where it mattered little what I thought or felt. One day I woke up to the disorienting reality that I did not know what I liked or did not like. I had no idea who I was.


The work represents the last 3 years of my life as I wrestled, explored, grew, relapsed, and searched for a path that would give meaning to who I am. To say this journey has not been easy is to betray the realization that everything I encountered was simply “me living out the reality of my life.” Therefore to call it easy or hard is of little consequence other than to say that all of our journey’s are particular to who we are and the reality that we live.


In no way am I attempting to say that my shukke is of significance beyond what it represents to me, yet it is in the process of making art that the need to share take flight. The work is both a personal record and an invitation to start a dialogue, albeit with others or for you to have with yourself.

Art 1 Museum, Jakarata Indonesia

May 2017

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